Sorry for being MIA for more than a month. I want to post new entries, but lately, I have not had much time to devote to baking. This is because a.) a new school year has started, b.) I am living off-campus for the first time, c.) I have no ingredients on me right now, as well as a whole bunch of reasons that I will not bore you with.

The Thanksgiving long weekend has just passed, and of course, I headed home. And guess what I did over the weekend? I'll give you three guesses...

I really had my heart set on doing something pumpkin-y. It was Thanksgiving, after all. However, when my mom told me that our family is only lukewarm about pumpkin (although I have a sneaking suspicion she just does not like it), so I decided to go with a kabocha squash tart. We had just bought 3 kabocha squashes (which were on sale for only 29 cents/pound, by the way), so off I went to create my tart.

I was really excited at the prospect of using my removeable tart pan, since I have not made much use of it yet. I made the tart dough, pre-baked it (this is supposed to prevent a soggy crust), and them made the filling while the crust was baking in the oven. It did not take much effort at all: just grate up some squash, throw in some honey, spices, cream, and eggs, and bake for about an hour. A nice, low-stress dessert. Even though there were gaps in my crust (I have not yet mastered the art of crust-making), the filling (surprisingly) did not spill out everywhere.

I did not really like this tart. The flavours were very muted. The squash still had a little bit of a bite to it, which I did not expect. I thought it would get nice and soft and mushy. I would have liked the spices to be more pronouced, and a little bit more brown sugar or honey was needed. But of course, my family dutifully ate their slice, making no faces or comments(except for my aunt and my mom).

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone, and be thankful for good food, good family and friends, and for all that you have.
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