Isn't this cake pretty? Dusted with icing sugar, with decorative cutouts of snowflakes, nothing reflects the winter season more. Plus, the lemony flavour reflects the fact that January is citrus season!

The reason behind making this cake was because of two ingredients that I wanted to use up--plain yogurt and lemons. So...what does one do? Go to your trusty friend, Ina Garten, who has never let you down.

This is one of her "lighter" recipes, in the sense that it doesn't include any butter. However, it does include a fair amount of oil, which I cut back by half and still ended up with a dense, moist, lemony cake. I think I should have added a bit more lemon zest, because it wasn't lemony enough for me.

The recipe originally calls for a lemon glaze to be poured over the top, but it was snowing the day I baked this, and that's how the icing sugar snowflake topping was born. I traced out snowflake shapes from one of my cookie cutters, placed the cutouts on the surface of the baked yogurt cake, and dusted away...

I highly recommend this recipe, especially if you happen to find yourself with an excess of lemons and plain yogurt. Or make it just because the Barefoot Contessa is awesome.
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  1. lol i didn't know that january is a citrus season! it looks and sounds yummmmy. i love lemon stuff :) haha you should make it again whenever we see each other!!! i wanna eat it :)

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