I made these pancakes one day for lunch, because I had been craving pancakes ever since I got back from university. It was only my dad and I who were going to have these for lunch, so I cut the recipe in half to yield 4 pancakes, enough for two each. We didn't have any maple syrup (only the fake stuff), so I just made a berry sauce using a combination of fresh and frozen berries.

I took a bit of liberty with the pancake batter, adding in some wheat germ and substituting in some whole wheat flour for regular all-purpose flour. Since I think I'm becoming more of a health freak, I always look for ways to substitute healthier, more whole-grain ingredients into my baking/cooking.

The berry sauce turned out nicely, not too too sweet like some other berry sauces I've made. The pancakes could've been a bit more moist; I found them to be on the dry side. Maybe next time I'll add in some mashed banana, since we always have them around. My dad said the pancakes were okay, but not substantial enough for lunch. I, of course, disagree.
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  1. Daniel Says:

    Of course you disagree. lol. For if I recall correctly, you were the one having very little to eat all year :P

  2. Looks deeelicious.

    That would be considered my breakfast actually.

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