I just realized that exactly a month ago, I was in Vancouver. I think we were probably in Stanley Park, right Nicole? Eating our awesome PB&J sandwiches and picking up random seashells. Anyways, this is a food blog after all, so I just wanted to post some of the food-related pictures that I took on my trip to Vancouver B.C.

This is by no means an exhaustive photo collection of all that happened in Vancouver, I just had to be selective. I don't think I want to put up an entire photo album up, nor do I think you want to look at all of the pictures anyways. I really wish that I took some pictures of the Japanese all-you-can-eat sushi placesthat we went to for dinner in Richmond on our second night there. Now THAT is a sushi restaurant! The salmon sashimi was so fresh (the colour was so much more vibrant), and the tempura prawns tasted and even looked a lot different than the ones here in Richmond Hill. The items that I really enjoyed there were the ones that I can't really get here at home, like the squid sashimi (which was just chewy enough without being rubbery), and the chopped scallop sushi/cone. Nothing tasted "fishy" or slimy, like some of the sushi/sashimi I've had here at home. I believe the place is called Ninkazu. If you live in Richmond or are visiting, you HAVE to go there.

Anyways, moving on from my sushi rant, there were tons of other highlights as well. The first picture is my "drunken chicken" sandwich from Vera's Burger Shack. The chicken was moist and not dry or overcooked. And the burger was huge. The second picture is of Nicole's oyster burger that she got in Granville Market from a fish and chips place. It was also giant (I think there's a trend). The third picture is of my Spicy Pacific Fish Tacones from
Red Fish, Blue Fish in Victoria. This place is a small little hut located by the waterfront, and it's a participant in the Ocean Wise seafood program. The food is cooked to order and it tastes awesome! The picture beside my tacones is of Brant's Barbecued Wild Salmon on salad. Nicole ordered another type of tacone, and she found it to be a bit on the oily side. Even though that day was slightly cold and rainy (what else is to be expected of B.C. weather?), the food was piping hot and fresh.

Last but not least is the final picture in the lineup. It's a open-faced roasted tomato and goat cheese and basil sandwich that was served with mixed field greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. Brant's beef burger looked so juicy and well-cooked; I wish I had a picture of it to post. We ate this meal at
Fuse Waterfront Grill in Sooke, B.C., which is not too far away from Victoria. We ate outside on the patio which overlooked a lake. It was a welcome meal after a long bike ride...I have to say, good thing it was there, because the surrounding area looked pretty desolate (this was a place where buses came every hour...and that was considered frequent).

We tried to eat as much seafood as possible on this trip (with our budget in mind as well), since the seafood quality in B.C. is awesome compared to home. But of course, we had our good 'ol jar of crunchy peanut butter (thanks Brant) to keep us going during our crazy hikes.
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  1. OMG rebecca!! the food looks sooo good, you actually made me hungry describing all the food!
    I'm glad you had a great time on your trip though!

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