On my trip to Mississauga in order to get our lease (which was a real pain in the ass to get) for this upcoming school year, we went to The Apricot Tree Cafe for lunch. I found it on Google, since I knew we would be going to be eating lunch in Missisauga. I was intrigued because of it's name. I looked up the menu and I have to say, they seem pretty dedicated to their apricots. I think they also serve dessert later on at night.

I ordered the artichoke flatbread, which was served with a side of mixed greens. The side salad was too heavily dressed for my liking. The artichoke flatbread was okay. It wasn't really anything to get excited about.

However, my dad got the 3-course platter (pictured left), which was one of their daily specials. It included soup (my dad chose the Thai style chicken noodle), chicken and vegetable curry, and a dessert. I tried some of his curry, and it was actually really good! I didn't expect a cafe to have good curry, but it was nicely spiced. The meal came with a slice of some sort of layer cake. It had chocolate chip sponge layers, and had a typical cream frosting and filling, with some canned apricots in the middle. It was garnished with a raspberry drizzle. I tried a bit, but didn't really like it.
Give The Apricot Tree Cafe a try if you're in the area. It's got a nice ambiance and has very polite servers!
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