I love curling up with a big bowl of hearty soup, any time of year. I was able to catch an episode of Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics one Sunday morning, and she was making her lobster and corn chowder. Corn is in season, and we had just bought a dozen ears of corn from Longos. So into the chowder it went, along with celery. And onions. And potatos. And lots and lots of milk that was simmered with the corn cobs. And just whatever veggies I had leftover. I topped each bowl with freshly snipped chives from the garden!

Obviously I didn't go all out with the lobster, but the soup was decent. It didn't really take on a "chowder" consistency, but rather it stayed rather thin. At least it was nice and chunky (since I always make my soups with an extremely high veggie:liquid ratio). I don't think the taste really delivered though, because the liquid tasted like corn water. It probably would taste ten times better if I actually had lobster shells to further infuse the milk mixture.

Make yourself a bowl of chowder to savour the yumminess that is late summer corn!
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