I know, I know, I should be studying. But I have to nourish myself too, right?

This banana gingerbread came together as a spur-of-the-moment type thing. There were some bananas in the house that were slightly past their prime, which meant that they were perfect for baking. Using a recipe from Baking Bites, I happily began measuring and mixing. In no time, there was warm banana gingerbread to be had! The loaf was very moist, and it used a minimal amount of fat. I used a mixture of soy milk and a squeeze of lemon juice as a substitute for the buttermilk.

I'm on the search for more recipes that includes molasses, since I have a Costco-sized bottle of molasses. Blogs and magazines are abound with molasses-heavy recipes right around now, so I'm sure I will have no problem with that. Did you know that one tablespoon of molasses provides you with 10% of your daily intake of calcium? What's more, it also gives you 20% of your recommeded dose of potassium! I had no idea molasses was so nutrient-dense until I read the back of my molasses bottle. Therefore, eating slice after slice of banana gingerbread must be good for you, right?
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  1. Anoosh N.K. Says:

    Dammit, you can't make an anonymous post here! That completely ruins the fun! If you do have the option to remain unnamed, or choose your name, could you be a dear and tell me how to do this?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Haha, I'm actually not too sure how to do that. Can't you just put down a fake name?

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