Holiday baking has officially arrived, which, of course, includes typical flavours such as ginger. Whether it's in the form of gingerbread cookies or a moist gingerbread loaf, ginger is just one of those things that is associated with the holiday season. It just seems out of place to be eating gingerbread in the summer months, although I am certainly not opposed to it. I am especially not opposed to making these ginger cookies all year round either.

The recipe is yes, another Ina Garten recipe. I made tiny little bite-sized cookies, so they baked in no time. I think I slightly overbaked them, and I should've taken them out earlier. They weren't as nice and soft as I would've liked. Nevertheless, they were tasty little morsels, and were eaten up pretty quickly. I love having friends who'll eat my baking! That just means more recipes to try and more opportunitites to bake!

These cookies are quite sweet (due to the coating of sugar), but they are oh so addicting.
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