July 26th was my sister's 20th birthday, which is just another excuse for me to bake a cake. I wanted to make a more complicated cake, but I didn't have enough time! So I settled on making a chocolate buttermilk cake with a white chocolate pastry cream filling. I knew she didn't want anything with fruit in it, so I obviously looked for something chocolatty. I made the filling and the cake one day, and then filled it and let it sit overnight (so that the pastry cream could kind of soak into the cake a bit and let the flavours meld).

So for her birthday, we went out for dinner at Memories of Japan, and then we went for some gelato at Hollywood Gelato. This was my first time there, and it was extremely busy, especially for a Sunday. I walked in and was overwhelmed by all the people and possible flavours. In the end, I chose a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of roasted marshmallow (you can get a max of two flavours for a small cone). The flavours were very strong, and it tasted exactly how it should taste. The pistachio tasted like you were eating pistachios, and the roasted marshmallow tasted like you were eating roasted marshmallows! The gelato was so creamy and light, and the portions were very generous. Make a trip down there if you can!

Back to the cake! It's not the prettiest cake, but it tasted okay. The pastry cream didn't really taste white-chocolatty enough, but it was still a good filling. The chocolate buttermilk cake was very moist and rich. Another successful receipe from Caprial's Desserts (I know, it's as if this is the only cookbook I use)! The pastry cream kind of squished out around the sides when I put on the top of the cake.

Happy (belated) birthday Jessica!
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